Texas Killing Fields (2011)

Action, Crime, Drama, History, Mystery, Thriller
Jessica Chastain, Chloë Grace Moretz, Stephen Graham, Sam Worthington
In Texas City, Texas, detectives Brian Heigh and Mike Souder are investigating a series of murders of women. When they leave the crime scene where a body was found, Brian brings the girl Ann Sliger that is on probation to the house of her dysfunctional family and delivers the neglected Ann to her careless mother. Then they are called by Detective Pam Stall, who is Mike's ex-wife, to help her to investigating a case of missing woman, but the case is outside their jurisdiction. However, they join Pam in her investigation while the family man Brian tries to help Ann and protect the girl against the abusive friends of her mother. Mike follows a clue that leads to two local criminals while Brian follows a different line of investigation and finds that the bodies were dumped in an area called "The Killing Fields". When Ann is kidnapped by the serial-killer, Brian seeks her out alone in the dangerous land.
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